Optimum Ascent

In the Fall, I met a NYC-based financial consultant who wanted to build a small niche consultancy specializing in reorganization.. She already hired an old-school copywriter whose expertise is print and hired me to help her launch her digital footprint.

She had a preexisting website on WIX, but wanted much more advanced capabilities like marketing automation and SEO tools that weren’t available on that consumer focused platform. I suggested a move to WordPress and the addition of a CRM to manage data and automation. We decided on the parameters that she was looking for and I was tasked to research which platform to choose. After my investigation, I was down to two: Hubspot and Active Campaign. Hubspot is an amazing product, but we thought that it would take years before we could really take advantage of all the capabilities of that system. ActiveCampaign was easier to deploy and was a fraction of the cost as their competitor. ActiveCampaign won out.

I built the site in November 2020. We were aiming to have everything built and ready to go before she spoke at a large Financial Services conference. Unfortunately because of COVID her talk’s attendance was not good. Furthermore because it was entirely virtual, she wasn’t able to convert many of her attendees into site visits and conversions.

I’m ready to start working on a content marketing strategy, but she needs to close a few deals before we move to the next step of the project.