Trends Report

Advertising Trends Report

I recently was hired as a Marketing Consultant for OUTFRONT Media, the 2+ Billion dollar revenue out of home advertising company. My first task was to spearhead the research, writing, and design of their yearly advertising trends report, a cornerstone touchpoint for their Q1 sales efforts. My job was to distill industry complexities into actionable insights to help clients achieve their goals.

In just over two weeks, I navigated the vast marketing landscape, diligently researched advertising data, analyzed consumer behaviors, and studied industry trends. This rapid yet thorough approach allowed me to write and design a document that encapsulates the current business landscape and is a blueprint for successful advertising in the upcoming year.

Upon completion, the report received immediate recognition from our Chief Marketing Officer, who distributed company-wide. While it’s still too early to quantify the exact impact, we’re seeing promising strides, and the report has played a pivotal role in steering us toward our year-end goals.

The success of the 2024 Advertising Trends Report is further proven by its widespread distribution to the advertising world through the Ad Club of New York and in the marketing publication Media Village. The report was also featured in important industry trade publications such as OOH Today and Billboard Insider, further solidifying OUTFRONT’s status as a marketing and media thought leader.

In conclusion, this project’s rapid integration into all of OUTFRONT’s marketing initiatives is a testament to my marketing acumen, strategic foresight, and unique capacity to ideate, write, and design with agency-level proficiency. Furthermore, its recognition by leading voices in the media world underscores the value of this project. You can click here to download a copy of the report.