Content and Ghost
Writing for OUTFRONT

Content and Ghost Writing for OUTFRONT

Authoring pivotal content for OUTFRONT Media, I bridged the gap between analytical research and creative communication, shaping the narrative of today’s marketing landscape. My pieces on Brand Central Station Blog articulated the nuance of marketing evolutions, while a comprehensive summary of a 30+ page advertising trends report for Media Village showcased my prowess as an author, researcher, and designer. This summary distilled emerging strategies, redefining how brands could leverage OOH to amplify their message across the marketing funnel.

As a ghostwriter, I penned thought leadership articles for executives, capturing their insights for prominent publications like Fast Company. These works, though attributed to others, carried the signature of my deep industry knowledge and linguistic craftsmanship.

These six pieces—two blog posts, a topline summary, and executive articles—underscore my expertise in content writing and ghostwriting, reflecting a breadth of skill that transcends the traditional role of a marketing consultant.