Marketing at a Trade Show

Faced with budget constraints and the desire to stand out at a crucial trade show filled with leading agencies and brands, we took a creative leap beyond traditional sponsorships. Instead of blending into the background with conventional advertising methods, I decided to create something memorable: a deck of custom playing cards featuring 26 prominent figures from the OOH advertising industry.

Drawing from their LinkedIn profile pictures, we commissioned illustrated portraits for each individual, cleverly avoiding hierarchy by ensuring each person was represented twice in a full deck—once as a high card and once as a low card. This approach allowed every featured industry leader to shine equally.

The outcome was remarkable. The beautifully illustrated, unique playing cards immediately captivated the attention of trade show attendees, who lauded their inventive design and creativity. The industry luminaries featured were genuinely honored, enthusiastically sharing images of their cards on social media. Our initiative gained traction in trade publications too, with OOH Today conducting a giveaway and The Daily DOOH publishing a deck unwrapping video. This marketing strategy enhanced our presence at the event and indirectly played a pivotal role in landing my next two consulting gigs, underscoring the impact of creative innovation in leaving an enduring mark.

Curious about the innovative deck that captured the industry’s attention? Visit the Pantheon of OOH webpage to explore the unique playing cards and the creative minds featured within.