Blowfish and Sharks

Blowfish and Sharks is part of a large body of paintings that use rare and distinct fauna as actors in allegories about optimism and hope in the face of predators of late-stage capitalism. This series was started in the Winter of 2021 when our entire household was stuck at home because of COVID.

This was drawn with Micron technical pens and Faber Castell brush markers on a sheet of 11″ x 15″ sheet of watercolor paper. Acrylics were then used to layer color over the drawing until it was richly colored in a way that couldn’t be replicated digitally. I developed this process over the last twenty years, where I learned that thin layers of color create a much more vibrant “glow” than a single thinker layer of paint.

This is a giant high quality jpeg (600dpi) that can be blown up and projected to a gigantic size or printed at double the actual size (22″ x 30″). Purchasers of the NFT will get a bonus two photos of the work in progress that shows the work after the marker work and before paint was applied.

This is a limited edition NFT and I will sell no more than 20 of them, with escalating prices as they sell out.