Eagle, Hammerhead, and Fish

Eagle, Hammerhead, and Fish is the second part of an ongoing series of paintings that I started in December 2022, and I’m aiming to make a dozen of the same size in the series.

This was drawn with Micron technical pens and Faber Castell brush markers on an 18″ x 24″ sheet of watercolor paper. Acrylics were then used to layer color over the drawing until it was richly colored in a way that couldn’t be replicated digitally. I developed this process over the last twenty years, where I learned that thin layers of color create a much more vibrant “glow” than a single thinker layer of paint.

This is a colossal jpeg with over 14,000 x 10,000 pixels resolution. It can be blown up and projected to a gigantic size or printed at 48″ x 36″. This was drawn on December 25 while at my in-law’s house, then the painting was finished over the next few days after we returned home from the holiday. If you purchase an NFT, you get a bonus photo of the black and white line drawing.