Healthy Choice Content Marketing

For a second time in 2018 we won business from Healthy Choice (Conagra Brands).  This time was for a sampling, couponing, and digital media campaign where we produce four influencer-based pieces on their Power Bowl products.

The biggest challenge with this project was the short turnaround time.  I wrote the scripts a day after the contract was signed and within ten days we had final legal approval which is record setting for a major brand.  I planned the shoot to be in a gym in the Merchandise Mart because the client is that building and was able to align everybody’s schedule for production on November 7th, 2018.  I was very happy with how the day went and we captured everything we needed right on schedule.

Below are the finished content pieces.  The thirty second spots will play on our gym-based overhead video network and the fifteen second spots will run on Cardio screens as pre-roll before a workout starts.

Gideon Akande – Healthy Choice – Morning Bowl – :30s

Nikki Metzger – Healthy Choice – Plant Based Bowl – :30s

Gideon Akande – Healthy Choice – Veggie Bowl- :15s

Results:  The campaign will start on January 7th, so we don’t have those yet.  Though the client was thrilled with the shoot and has already started discussions for us to create content for their other brands.  I will update this page in March when the results come in, which will most be gauged through coupon redemption rates.