Nighttime Dog in Backyard

Nighttime Dog in Backyard is part of a series of four paintings of our new puppy, Coco, which we adopted from a shelter in Chicago called Paws. This painting was made during the summer of 2022.

This was drawn with Micron technical pens and Faber Castell brush markers on a 14″ x 11″ sheet of watercolor paper. Acrylics were then used to layer color over the drawing until it was richly colored in a way that couldn’t be replicated digitally. I developed this process over the last twenty years, where I learned that thin layers of color create a much more vibrant “glow” than a single thinker layer of paint.

This is a very high-res jpeg with about 9,000 pixels resolution horizontally. It can be blown up and projected to a gigantic size or printed 30″ wide.