Chiquita Banana Smoothie

Chiquita was interested in engaging our audience, but didn’t have a video piece of their own.  We approached them with a Brand Integrated Content opportunity that would give them the video impressions that they desired.  They agreed that a Banana smoothie recipe is the perfect Native Advertising opportunity and signed up.

I presented them a list of available influencer talent and they quickly chose Whitney English because of her professionalism, polish, and that she is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I then co-wrote, produced, and directed these pieces under supervision of the brand, their Creative Agency Wieden+Kennedy, and Billups their planning/buying agency.

Once we are done shooting the brand piece, I squeezed in three more non-branded content segments that day.  The influencers like to contribute on non-branded pieces because it gives them a chance to speak as themselves on the Generation Active network and doesn’t take much to convince them.  These are the other three we produced that day at almost no cost since this shoot was budgeted to the Chiquita deal.