Skellecito Converse 2005


Converse Animation I had the opportunity to write, produce, and direct this animated commercial titled "Skellecito" for Converse in 2005.  This was a one-man job that was mostly done in Maya in my little studio in Korea Town, Los Angeles shortly after graduating from CalArts.  This was my first job as a [...]

Beer & Eggs


Beer & Eggs I made this film during my first year at CalArts in 2001-2002, where I was getting my MFA in Experimental Animation. I painted these digital puppets with watercolor and acrylic on paper. I was applying all the lessons that I was learning during my first-year of grad school to these characters as [...]

Banco Popular Times Square Takeover


Times Square Takeover Our CEO was going to ring the NASDAQ bell in honor of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in June of 2007.  We had the 70′ tall NASDAQ billboard in Times Square for the weekend and I was tasked with making as much animation as I could in a [...]

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