Healthy Choice Content Marketing


Healthy Choice Content Marketing For a second time in 2018 we won business from Healthy Choice (Conagra Brands).  This time was for a sampling, couponing, and digital media campaign where we produce four influencer-based pieces on their Power Bowl products. The biggest challenge with this project was the short turnaround time.  I [...]

Boxer Mike Lee Content Shoot


Boxer Mike Lee Content Shoot My cinematographer and I flew to LA for a couple of days to do shoot some influencer content.  One of them was with third ranked WBO Light Heavyweight boxer Mike Lee.  He was training for a big fight in a few weeks and [...]

Nikki Metzger Family Workout


Nikki Metzger Family Workout Nikki Metzger has been a long time contributor to our network and we haven't seen her in awhile.  Besides being on the front page of a couple of times, she was busy having a baby.  She lives in Arizona and wasn't quite ready to leave her [...]

Clif Bar Circuit Challenge


This was part of an activation which involved setting up corresponding workout stations at over 200 24-hour Fitness locations. Clif loved the program and signed a new deal for 2019.

Chiquita Banana Smoothie


Chiquita Banana Smoothie Chiquita was interested in engaging our audience, but didn't have a video piece of their own.  We approached them with a Brand Integrated Content opportunity that would give them the video impressions that they desired.  They agreed that a Banana smoothie recipe is the perfect Native Advertising opportunity [...]

Cirque Du Soleil Behind the Scenes


Cirque Du Soleil's Paramore Behind the Scenes We had the opportunity to work with the local NYC troop of Cirque Du Soleil in promoting their show in Times Square.  We got access to four of the show's stars and we filmed in a gym to discuss about the workouts that the do to [...]

Christine Bibbo Herr Batiste Dry Shampoo


Christine Bibbo Herr Batiste Dry Shampoo We won an elusive CPG contract from a large player Church & Dwight.  They wanted a native content piece with a beauty influencer.  The brand chose Christine from a few female influencers that we offered.  They had some strict guidelines to follow concerning product usage, makeup, hair, and [...]

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