Elliot and Willa, 14″ x 11″


Elliot and Willa, 14" x 11" I made this drawing for a pair of friends' wedding in 2017. Sadly this is the only thing left from that union. It was made with pigmented brush markers on bristol board.

Alice & the Eleanor Under the Sea


Under the Sea In 2016 I was introduced to a set of Faber-Castle pigmented ink brush markers.  I love the line quality and was thrilled to hear that they are extremely lightfast.  This one was done on 14×11 bristol board.

Rainbow Self Portrait 1998


Rainbow Self Portrait 1998 This is one of my favorite paintings from 1998. It was the first painting that I sold for what I considered at the time to be a lot of money. I think this painting had something to do the novel Siddhartha. I believe I was trying to make some sort [...]

Beer & Eggs


Beer & Eggs I made this film during my first year at CalArts in 2001-2002, where I was getting my MFA in Experimental Animation. I painted these digital puppets with watercolor and acrylic on paper. I was applying all the lessons that I was learning during my first-year of grad school to these characters as [...]

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